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News Film Media is an international news agency focused on cultural events and crisis reportage, ranging from glamorous film festivals to desolate war zones.

Our team of editors, journalists, and photographers are located in Bosnia, Germany, Israel and North America and can readily cover and redact special news events in their respective areas, giving News Film Media far-reaching reporting abilities.

News Film Media has no central office and conducts all its business via the internet. NFM's extensive data base can reach numerous news outlets in seconds and worldwide, making syndication the backbone of our news item distribution.

Established in Cooperstown, New York, NFM  has been an accredited press organization recognized by New York State since 1981, and has been a member of the Foreign Press Association, London, and the New York Press Club, NYC.


Our Objective

As a small news agency, News Film Media focuses on detailed news reporting that larger news agencies, television and the print media often cannot cover.

News Film Media is a true specialist news provider, it does not supply mainstream reporting, but instead looks for the special story  within a larger event.

Our objective is to get that singular, extraordinary interview, to shoot that one-of-a-kind photo and to get video coverage from perspectives that other news organizations are not set up to do.  Our objective is uniqueness.


Our Editors and Associates

Karl E. Haupt is NFM's editor-in-chief, photographer and writer

Israel X. Cohen is NFM's executive editor and manager

Steven Milosevitch is NFM's line producer and writer

Paul F. Lane is NFM's associate copy writer


Contact Information

+49 221 240-2289 
+49 221 240-5707

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