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War Reportage


News Film Media has covered the Yugoslav Wars extensively and has reported from some of the most fought-over areas of the former Yugoslavia, including  Vukovar, Sarajevo and Kosovo. 


Documentary film

The following two short clips are from "The Front Line at Home",  a documentary film of a larger TV program about the Yugoslav Wars. 

Sarajevo, tank vs. sniper  - 
A tank firing at a paramilitary sniper

Sarajevo, on the front line - Paramilitaries taking up a new position  


Video stills






Sarajevo, Grbavica, Sniper Alley, Civilians, Paramilitaries, Interviews

News Film Media collaborates with free-lance war reporters and photographers who cover the new battlefields and crisis areas around the world, giving NFM access to some of the most violent and explosive hot spots today.  NFM also works with local television crews, journalists and guides to assure coverage from an informed and more insightful point-of-view, a work method that frequently has proven to produce higher quality and better balanced coverage than main stream news organizations can provide.

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